Report: Instagram developing Threads, a messaging app with location sharing and more

Threads Instagram Messaging App

Facebook is not joking around when it comes to Instagram. After rumors spread about Instagram IGTV videos syndicating on Facebook, sources mention that Instagram might be working on its own messaging app called Threads. 

Instagram may have ceased the work on Direct, a standalone messaging app back in 2017. However, Facebook still wants Instagram to have its own app that allows intimate sharing among users. 

What you need to know about the Threads messaging app

Threads will send notifications when your close friends post a new story. You’ll be able to see the story from within the messaging app. 

Another interesting feature of Threads is its automatic status updates. Friends will receive regular updates that tell them what your location is, your speed, and more.

According to sources, the messaging app isn’t going to share your real-time location, just the fact that you are on the move.

Screenshots reviewed by The Verge show an app that’s designed to promote constant, automatic sharing between users and the people on their “close friends” list on Instagram.

Opt in to automatic sharing, and Threads will regularly update your status, giving your friends a real-time view of information about your location, speed, and more. At the moment, Threads does not display your real-time location. Instead, it might say something like a friend is “on the move,” according to sources familiar with the matter.

Quote by The Verge

This app is going to be available to use with your close friends on Instagram. Most tech experts mentioned that this is another one of Facebook’s latest effort to “chip away” users from Snapchat. 

Much like many of Facebook’s latest efforts, Threads seems like a direct attempt to compete with Snapchat – which remains popular among certain segments of the market. Facebook’s thinking is seemingly that Threads will promote more sharing, but with fewer people through the “Close Friends” integration.

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Would you be interested in a standalone Threads messaging app from Instagram? Let us know down in the comments.

Find out more about this new messaging app on The Verge.

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