Top 7 Most Successful Instagram Campaigns

successful Instagram campaigns

Creating successful Instagram campaigns such as the MyNatGeo is one of the fastest ways of growing your account and brand on what is considered to be THE most popular social media platform of the moment. 

Today we’re sharing some of the best and most successful Instagram campaigns out there and taking a look at what made followers stop dead in their tracks and pay attention. 

The #MyNatGeoCoverShot Campaign

MyNetGeo successful Instagram campaigns

One of the most successful Instagram campaigns was the #MyNatGeoCoverShot one. With more than 10 million fans on their Facebook page, Nat Geo India chose to promote their show CoverShot through a ‘My NatGeo Cover Shot’ challenge on Facebook. 

The idea is that users could enjoy having their very own photographs as a NatGeo magazine cover. To enter, all they needed to do was upload their images and include a subtitle through the Facebook application to make a virtual cover page. 

The USP of the campaign was that members could download the resulted picture and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as with their followers. The best photos were declared winners on the magazine’s new show on a weekly basis. 

Due to the Facebook challenge, NatGeo India’s Facebook page has 13.8 million likes despite the fact that liking the page was not a requirement of the campaign.

The #NoMakeupSelfie Campaign

No make up selfie campaign

With selfies being as popular as they are on Instagram, it wasn’t astonishing to see a campaign like this succeed so brilliantly. The #NoMakeupSelfie battle went hand in hand with showing self-esteem, as well as resonating with users on an emotional level. 

The campaign began with creator Laura Lippman posting a naked face selfie and evolved to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, Rihanna and Cheryl Cole’s joining in with selfies of their own. 

Together, these ladies took an interest in a campaign that took over the online networking space and helped Cancer Research UK gain more than 8 million euros in the span of three weeks. 

Funnily enough, a campaign that wasn’t even started by the Cancer Research UK NGO, ended up helping them support 10 new clinical trials. 

Since the beginning of this successful Instagram campaign, in March 2014, the No Makeup Selfie Cancer Awareness Facebook Page has reached 261,692 likes and each of their tagged Instagram photos has gathered around 1500-2000 likes.

The Bloom and Wild Lookalike Campaign

Bloom and Wild Instagram campaigns

Next is an extraordinary case of how an independent company can manage a successful Instagram campaign.

Bloom and Wild, a floral delivery company, utilized the Power Editor feature on Facebook to make their Instagram advertisements. They didn’t have access to the cash that a vast partnership would, yet they managed to draw in a consistent following on Instagram. 

The first step was to take their existing email list and make a lookalike audience using those contacts. Next, they tested their promotion banners by running a couple of typical low budget campaigns. In the meantime, they would look at the engagement rate between the banners. Whichever one got the most attention would be used for their main campaign.

As it turns out, videos ended up performing best, with the highest conversion rate. In the wake of choosing their triumphant advertisement, they scaled up the promotion and added a solid call to action. 

By using Instagram Ads, Bloom and Wild increased their sales by 62% and saw numerous new clients remarking on their products and placing orders on their shop.

The Burt’s Bees “Delight Up Your Lips” Campaign

Burt's Bees Instagram campaign

Burt’s Bees is another incredible case of how low priced item sales can be increased by using successful Instagram Ads campaigns. 

The beauty company used Instagram Ads to promote their new collection of lip crayons. Showcasing their products in an original way was an easy way of generating awareness in the existing Instagram beauty environment. 

They focused on millennial women between the ages of 18 and 24, delivering ads within the United States. The results showed an overall increase in product awareness and ad recall.

The Mercedes-Benz #GLAPacked Campaign

Mercedes-Benz Instagram campaign

When Mercedes-Benz first started promoting the GLA, their first compact SUV, they needed to work on exposure into the new class. Their initial strategy included advertisements on both Instagram and Facebook for their fans and followers and any other person that would see the promotions.

What made it a successful Instagram campaign was the unique direction they took for the campaign: contacting photographers and asking them to send in a photo containing everything they would pack in their GLA. 

Their belongings would be laid on custom GLA freight mats to indicate how adaptable the vehicle was for an end of the week trip, with items neatly organized on top of it. Customers were also encouraged to submit photos and showcase items in a themed manner.

Thanks to this campaign, Mercedes-Benz saw an expansion in Instagram promotions and site visits from Instagram.

The Philadelphia Cheese Campaign

Philadelphia cream cheese campaign

Another case of an expansive brand using Instagram is Philadelphia, a brand who deals in cheese products. In fact, Philadelphia was one of the first brands in Australia to take advantage of Instagram Ads to capture the attention of foodies all around the globe.

Their successful Instagram Campaign targeted 25 to 40 year-old females based on their willingness to organize a social gathering or party. The creative photos suggested ways customers could use the Philadelphia cream cheese. 

Following this campaign, Philadelphia saw an expansion in purchase intent and a 41% increase in sales.

The Levi’s Outdoors Campaign

Levi Instagram campaign

Levi’s has always focused on living in the moment and their highly successful Instagram campaign did not deviate from this concept. As pioneers in Instagram Ads, their promotions highlighted individuals wearing the famous jeans while sharing a personal outdoors moment.

The ads targeted 18 to 34-year olds in the United States and showed ads an average of 2 times per user. The results speak for themselves: a reach of 7.4 million individuals in the U.S. and an extensive lift in ad recall.

Other successful Instagram Campaigns

Other highly successful Instagram campaigns include Ford’s launch of “Fiestagram”, a mobile photo-sharing app contest where users could submit photos or when Sony created the first crowdsourced Instagram video, using photos uploaded to the app. The director then sourced the photos and used them to create a music video for The Vaccines, a non-mainstream band.

At the same time, Diet Coke was running a  #showyourheart campaign on Twitter and Instagram that saw more than 3,000 photographs submitted, while a New York City restaurant was promoting a menu that used tagged photos, enabling customers to peruse through and see what it brings to the table.

Lollapalooza similarly generated an expansive mosaic utilizing only Instagram pictures that drew in groups of onlookers. 

How to run your own Successful Instagram campaigns

In conclusion, there are a few things you need to take into account when attempting to get a successful Instagram campaign up and running. 

First, you need to use hashtags to advance your campaign and brand. Take for example the #eyesonsyria hashtag which was at one point used by so many individuals that it generated an entire campaign, which incorporated its own particular website.

Every single new material and activities they distributed were promoted by utilizing this particular hashtag. Tweets also focused on Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev who is himself very active on the platform. 

They also picked a pre-decided window of two hours for posts. So individuals and associations were tweeting all in the meantime, which gave the campaign substantially more reach.

Next, don’t think you have to use every single type of Instagram ad available. Instead, choose the type of ads that are right for your brand and campaign and focus your budget on those.

You’ll see better results, faster and have a more successful Instagram campaign.

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